Graphic Organizer for Technology-Tools & Learning Strategies

Graphic Organizer for Technology-Tools & Learning Strategies


2 thoughts on “Graphic Organizer for Technology-Tools & Learning Strategies

  1. Hi Cecil

    Another awesome graphic organizer. Geesh, you all got me in this category for I am no the artistic I reckon. Kudos to you on the graphic. So about your post.

    Do you not consider software as part of the online “tools” terminology? I notice that all of the tools at the bottom of your graphic are devices. I consider tools for online learning to be both the physical and virtual tools in both categories of software and hardware. What is your take on this? Furthermore, which of these Web 2.0 tools is best for content, communication, and collaborations? For example, I don’t think a wiki would be best for researching content. And I don’t think email would be best for collaborations. Do you see where I am going with this?

    All in all, good work Cecil. You the man.


  2. Hi Tim,
    I like your interrogation when there is a non-traditional approach to the assignment.
    Software can be considered as an online tool, if you want to substitute “tool” for program. And, within a program I sometimes see the accessing of built in technology as a virtual tool. Since users’ technology comes on stream people have been using words dynamically, to a great extent we believe what we want to believe for convenience sake. One school of thought is that words are dynamic, but I’m from the old school and still learning to integrate vocabulary that can be interpreted within a technology context and it makes sense.
    My circular diagram refers to “Online Learning Technology/Tools.” I have never heard the hardware technology that I identified being referred to as “Devices.” But that’s a useable word. I listed hardware that is used for learning to include some technology that are for communication and others that better enable collaboration. I chose to identify hardware as technology that creates a physical awareness and it might be understood that software is also a necessary technology for the hardware to function. Your choice of virtual tools is ok and it must be perceived that software is fundamental to technology.
    I have not identified any specific tool that is best for content, communication and collaboration together as all three is combined for knowledge building in a collaborative learning community and it is the learning community activities that creates the communication and collaboration from content. Collaborative interaction (web 2.0) can be experienced with both the Wiki and the Blog.
    I do agree with you, “I don’t think a wiki would be best for researching.” The Wiki fits best for collaborative interaction for projects and assignments that require input from all involved, thus removing the need for physical meeting and also allowing for virtual setups. E-mails are not best for collaboration nor are e-mails best for research.
    I hope I was able to shed some light on my perception for my graphic organizer and construct. I have seen graphic organizers that seem to suggest that software, networks and technology tools are by themselves collaboration and knowledge constructing without the slightest indication of the activities that are required for co-construct of knowledge. Thus I selected to actually identify “collaborative tasks, ” how content knowledge is analyzed and synthesized, some technologies that are relevant to carryout communication and also include some hardware that are necessary depending on the task to be achieved .

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